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How Licopid effects human body?

Licopid® increases functional activity (bactericide, cytotoxic) of “main” cells of innate immune system, professional “killers” of everything alien — phagocytes. Licopid strengthens their presentation by antigens, proliferation of Т- and В-lymphocytes, increases synthesis of specific antibodies, and promotes normalization of Th1/Th2-lymphocytes towards Th1 predominance. Licopid® (GMDP) stimulates leucopoiesis and recovery of granulocyte count by activation of production of colony-stimulating factors (CSF).

There are also other useful properties of GMDP evolved from experimental studies — antitumor and antimethastatic effects, adjuvant properties (higher production of antibodies at immunization, which is especially important at introduction of killed or “weakened” antigens).