Main objective

Achieving high consumer confidence in the company's products.

Basic principles of achieving the goal

  • Quality assurance at all stages of production, including strict compliance With the rules of organization of production and quality control of medicines (GMP), as well as technological discipline;
  • Production of products that meet the requirements of regulatory documents and industry standards;
  • Compliance of products with modern achievements of pharmacology;
  • Ensuring the safety, effectiveness and stability of manufactured finished medicines, forming a positive attitude to the quality of the company's products among consumers;
  • Understanding each employee responsibility for the production of medicinal products of the required quality.

Main tasks to be solved

  • Ensuring the functioning and improvement of the quality system;
  • Implementation of the declared principles of this quality policy;
  • Systematic training of production personnel in order to maintain a high level of professional knowledge and skills necessary for modern high-tech pharmaceutical production.