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AO Peptek
Russian research and production pharmaceutical company

We produce both active pharmaceutical substance GMDP and its ready-made dosage form – pills Licopid® 1 mg and 10 mg and Glycopin® 1 mg.

Our work is based on research, which is confirmed by 25 years of clinical practice.

The long-term goal of our company is to search new opportunities for our products for solving actual health issues.

In 1976 in Institute of bioorganic chemistry of the USSR Academy of Sciences under the direction of V. Ivanov and T. Andronova glucosaminylmuramyldipeptide (GMDP) was synthesized.


JSC «Peptek» is an enterprise producing both active pharmaceutical substance GMDP
and its finished dosage form-tablets Licopid® 1 mg and 10 mg and Glycopin® 1 mg.

Licopid® 1 mg
Licopid® 1 mg

Licopid® tablets 1 mg 10 

Code АТС (АТХ): L03A

It is used in adults and children in the complex therapy of diseases accompanied by secondary immunodeficiency States.

Licopid® 10 mg
Licopid® 10 mg

Licopid® tablets 10 mg 10

Code АТС (АТХ): L03A

It is used in adults in the complex therapy of diseases accompanied by secondary immunodeficiency States.

Glycopin® 1 mg
Glycopin® 1 mg

Glycopin® tablets 1 mg 10

Code 77-3-7.12-3353 № ПВР-3-3.9/00149

Therapeutic group: an immunomodulator


GMDP substance

GMDP – active pharmaceutical ingredient
СAS number – 70280-03-4.


It is a chemically synthesized analogue of natural peptidoglycan, the cell wall of all gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria.
Produced by peptide technology by two-stage chemical synthesis based on compounds of classes of dipeptides and disaccharides.

Since 1996!

JSC «Peptek» is a stable, dynamic, modern Russian research and production pharmaceutical company that produces original drugs of its own development, based on the achievements of science and the requirements of regulatory authorities. Our products are representatives of the latest generation of immunotropic drugs, have a perfectly organized production that meets international quality standards in the pharmaceutical industry. The range of activities of the company covers all stages of creation, production and sale of medicines: from research and development, production of active pharmaceutical substances and finished products to sales and marketing.


You can be confident in us because:

More than 20 years
More than 20 years

ago did the history of our company in Russia start

More than 100
More than 100

dissertations have been written in different fields of medicine

More than 1250
More than 1250

scientific articles have been published

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Real experts in their field:
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Our address:
94 Vernadsky Ave., Moscow, bldg. 2, office 2008, 119571, Russia.
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Licopid® 1 mg
Glycopin® 1 mg