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About us

The history of Peptek is closely connected with the discovery of a fundamentally new class of compounds — muramylpeptides by E. Lederer in 1974.

Also in the seventies, independent research by a group of scientists led by Ph. D. T. Andronova, carried out in the laboratory of peptide chemistry Of the Institute of Bioorganic chemistry of the USSR Academy of Sciences resulted in the production of an analogue of muramylpeptide-glucosaminylmuramyldipeptide (GMDP).

The synthesis of GMDP gave rise to many years of research into the biological activity of this compound, which formed the basis for the creation of a new immunotropic drug Licopid (GMDP), and led to the creation of Peptech UK Ltd in 1985 (from the English peptide technology).

The joint efforts of leading experts have been invested in the development of the medicine from Russia, UK, Australia and Latvia.

Currently, AO «Peptek» is a stable, dynamic, modern Russian research and production pharmaceutical company that produces original drugs of its own development, based on the achievements of science and the requirements of regulatory authorities.

Our products are representative of the latest generation of immunotropic drugs, has a perfectly organized production that meets international quality standards in the pharmaceutical industry.

The range of activities of the company covers all stages of creation, production and sale of medicines: from research and development, production of active pharmaceutical substances and finished products to sales and marketing.